Wooden French Door

Wooden French Doors

Only our imaginations can limit the uses of the Signature MEgrame Wood French Door with its simple, practical and elegant look. Usually used as a pair the Signature Megrame Wooden French Door is an iconic interior style feature and goes back to the beginning of Renaissance architecture where symmetry, harmony and balance were the guiding principles.

You can also create exciting glazing features by combining Signature Megrame Wood French Doors with fixed glazed panels, sliding sash or side hung windows. These features make a room feel homely, traditional and cosy with the emphasis on the beautiful wood interior.

The solid operation of the opening and closing mechanisms and ergonomic handles make the Signature Wooden French Door a thing of beauty and will transform your home from ordinary into unique.


  • Four traditional profiling options which match the Casement and Top Hung window glazing profiles giving you consistent sightlines which blend perfectly. E.g. Ovolo, Lamb’s Tongue, Concave and Putty line.
  • Flat hand sanded finished joints avoiding unsightly V  joints
  • You can create feature walls of glass by combining the Signature Megrame Wood French doors with other wood windows and doors in this range
  • Bespoke design options to match the style of your home be it traditional or contemporary, replacement or newbuild. Also suitable for use in Conservation areas
  • Solid construction guaranteed by laminating together a triple layering of wood to ensure no warping or sticking
  • A range of hardware options and accessories available to customise the look of your home
  • Interior and Exterior wood custom painted to a colour of your choice to match the décor of your home
  • Extensive warranty available as standard